The Instituto de Educação of Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) is a higher education institution dedicated to research, teaching, and intervention in the public sphere, in the field of education and training. It was created in 2010, based in former existing education departments of the Universidade de Lisboa.
The Instituto de Educação provides undergraduate and postgraduate students with proper conditions to learn and act in educational organizations and in other social contexts. We offer a master’s of teaching degree in mathematics education, preparing secondary school teachers,
as well as a doctoral degree in mathematics education, providing preparation for conducting research, teacher education, and intervention and development projects. Both programs are highly regarded at national and international level.
Research is a central activity at Instituto de Educação, with two major research projects under development in the field of mathematics education. One of these projects concerns supporting teachers to promote students’ mathematical reasoning, at primary and secondary level, with in-service and pre-service teachers (REASON). Another project regards investigating the potential of lesson study as a professional development process, also for in-service and pre-service teachers, and also searching to find suitable forms of adaptation for the Portuguese education context (Lesson Study in Mathematics).